Understand Dreams


Understand Dreams – Is God Trying To Tell You Something?

An online e-book that unlocks the art of dream interpretation – simple, profound, life-changing. Dream interpretation is exciting. Discover how dreams are often “sent” to help you, and learn the simple techniques of dream interpretation that can change your life. Learn how dream interpretation can:

  • Help you solve your problems
  • Guide you through difficult times
  • Comfort you in sickness or distress
  • Warn you of impending danger
  • Lead you into truth and understanding
  • Correct you when you’re wrong
  • Inspire you to higher levels of growth and success
  • Help you accomplish your life’s goals and desires
  • Enhance your relationships

You’ll enjoy the author’s simple, easy to understand style of writing that flows from page to page. Her own experiences with vivid dream interpretation reveal how God speaks to us through our dreams. Master the art of dream interpretation and change your life forever. Learn to receive the personal and intimate messages of instruction sent to guide you. Empower yourself for greater happiness and success with the knowledge of dream interpretation.

Why get this book?

  • It’s unique and inspiring.
  • It makes a great gift!
  • You will learn:
    • That dreams can often be important messages from God
    • How dreams can lead, guide, and help you
    • About the “language of dreams”
    • Tips for interpreting your own dreams
    • How to remember your dreams more often
    • Important truths about “nightmares” that can set you free
    • Revelations about relationships that can enrich your life

Haven’t you always wanted to know more about your dreams and what they mean?

Order the eBook today on Amazon for US $4.99, or free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Discover the hidden treasures in your dreams.


According to the Bible, one of the causes for dreams is divine communication (or divine intervention) and Ruthanna will lead the reader to a practical understanding and ability to make sense of how God speaks to them in their dream. One should approach the reading of this book with a sense of sacredness. You will be a better person for applying the simplicity of Ruthanna’s message, for one of the secrets of success in life is being able to turn non-meaning into meaning. – Reverend David Johnston King of Kings Christian Church Jacksonville, Florida

We loved Ruthanna’s book! In these trying times, it’s crucial for Christians to realize God still speaks to His people – and that dreams are one way He does it. – Dr. Tom and Sylvia Croft Morningstar Christian Ministries Keystone Heights, Florida

Ruthanna’s book on how God speaks through our dreams is FAN-TASTIC! I wish she’d written this years ago. Right after I finished reading it, I had a dream that was easy to interpret because of what I had just read. The dream revealed that I would go through some serious trials without being hurt. Shortly thereafter, the trials began. I was glad I had read Ruthanna’s book and had been prepared. As a result, I was able to face those trials with the advance knowledge that I would come through them victorious and unhurt! Had I not been prepared, I might have fallen into discouragement, depression, even defeat. I kept remembering my dream and was encouraged instead! YOUR DREAMS: Is God Trying To Tell You Something? That question can be answered with an enthusiastic ‘YES!’ – Dr. Stephen Brodowski Fusion Energy Researcher


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