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Why Should I Praise God?

January 31st, 2004 | Posted by Ruthanna in General - (0 Comments)

Bless The Lord, O My soul, and all that is within me, bless your Holy Name.”


My Mediator
King of Glory
Eternal Life
The Door
The Chief Cornerstone
My Banker
My Rock, My Sword, My Shield
You’re Excellent
The Lily Of The Valley
My Bright And Morning Star
You’re My Counselor
The Promise Keeper
The King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords
The Author & Finisher Of My Faith
The Prince Of Peace
The Price Of Life
The True Vine
The Way, The Truth And The Life
The Alpha & The Omega
Beginning & The End
The First & The Last
My Power
My Everything And You Never Change
You’re Patient
My Sustainer
My Prayer Partner
My Chief Shepherd
My Intercessor
My Source
My Confidant
My Guide
My Joy
My Satisfaction
My Avenger
You’re Majesty
The God Of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
The Great Physician
The Great Surgeon
The Great “I Am”

A Rap Song to “Clean Up Your Act!”

January 30th, 2004 | Posted by Ruthanna in General - (1 Comments)

I appreciate common courtesy and respect don’t you? Quite frankly, I give high marks to any individual or media determined to keep vulgar profanity out of their broadcasting or vocabulary. Some musical groups, broadcasters, TV and film makers think they can’t be successful without it. But I just don’t buy it.

I think profanity cheapens the arts and I’d like to challenge all musical groups, all broadcasters, TV and film makers to start asking themselves, “Is this really necessary?” Personally I think it would be a great thing for the entire country if all the above would clean up their act! Perhaps if we, the people, would stop buying their stuff and start tuning them out, they might get the message and have more respect for our ears!

So, in the spirit of that thought, I would like to present a Rap Song to get some momentum going. Matt, my internet technical advisor, read it and immediately thought of the rap group Black Eyed Peas. So, if you’re listening guys, please contact me and let’s put some music to this and get it “out there!” Whatdayathink, America? Is this a good song? Do you recommend the band Black Eyed Peas to bring it to us musically? Cast your vote right here, at the bottom of the page under Comments. And, thanks!

A “Wrap” to Clean Up Your Act!
By Ruthanna Smith

one day I was thinkin’
And I looked around.
I saw a few smiles, I
Saw a lot of frowns.
It came to me then
That it’s jive and it’s cool
So I thought I’d try it:
Rappin’ you fool! (smile)

So here’s my first attempt,
Never mind my age.
If kids and thugs can do it,
Shouldn’t I take the stage?
It’s time to take a stand
And say “clean up your act” or
All the praise and accolades will
Shift over here, on my track!

Cause when you entertain,
It’s a sacred trust.
The words, the lyrics,
Should motivate, elevate or instruct.
Music and art
were never meant to be
An outlet for anyone
To dump their stinkin’ thinkin’ on me!

Especially on the young,
Impressionable, still growin’
They should be protected from
The stuff you’ve been sowin’
Why, if YOU came to dinner
And sat down for a steak,
Would you eat garbage?
If someone put it on YOUR plate?

I don’t think so!
I don’t think you’d adapt.
I think you’d scream out
“I’m not gonna eat THAT!”
So, am I supposed to let
YOU put bad stuff in my brain?
I don’t think so,
From that, I’ll refrain!

Now, to all who are hearing this,
Make your thoughts your friends.
Entertain the good ones,
Turn off those that offend.
Do it!
When they come around knockin’
On the door of your mind,
Say “outta here now,
For you, I don’t have time!”

Yeah, hit it!
Get it!
Make your thoughts your friends.
Fill your mind with good ones
They will
Help you to the end!
Come on in close,
You see, your mind is your friend.

Don’t hide! You decide!
Should this thought stay?
Is this one ok?
You’re in the know! You’re in control!
It’s up to you!
You know what to do!
Get on top!
Make bad thoughts STOP!

Now, a word to the wise
To all who perform:
Throw out your garbage
Where it belongs
We don’t wanna hear it
We value our mind
So from now,
we just don’t have time (pause)
So, clean up your act, Jack!

Copyright 2004 by Ruthanna Smith
All rights reserved

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Undisciplined, uncontrolled thoughts open the door to all kinds of stress, discord and dis-ease. You are the only one who can control your thoughts. You must stop them. No one can do it for you! How do you stop bad thoughts from tormenting you? Judge them! As soon as one pops into your head, ask yourself “has this thought come to make me happy or does it upset me? Is it good or bad?” Once you determine it is bad, immediately turn it around. You’re on “thought patrol!” You think about the opposite of it’s meaning, or you replace it with a happier thought. Bottom line is, focus on something constructive and pleasant; and do this everytime the bad thought presents itself. It may continue to try and harrass you until you stop feeding it with your time and attention. In other words, starve it to death. You can do it. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Yours for truth and freedom, Ruthanna

I was touched recently by something the Pope said after being entertained by a group of break-dancers from Poland.

“Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent, but must develop it,” John Paul said.

One might be surprised, at first, that Pope John Paul was even watching break-dancers, let alone blessing break-dancers (of all things) after their performance. However when you realize these young people are using their unique God-given talents to raise funds for underprivileged children, you have to give them a big “thumbs up!”

Another thing to conclude from this blessing by the Pope is that no talent is too insignificant, too unusual, too unimportant or too common, or too “out of the question” to be used of God! For goodness sake! Break-dancing is also known as street dancing! How in the world could God ever use that? Well, apparently He does. And it’s helping children.

Think about your talent. Have you been under-estimating God’s opinion of your gifts? Could He be using you and your unique talent, if you’d let Him? See what these kids did and take notice! God even brought them, and their gifts, before the Pope! Click here to read the story.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress are finally forcing the FCC to take action against vulgarity and profanity on radio and TV. Stiff fines are the new order of the day for law breakers.

“The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it.”
George Washington (1732-1799)

Click here to read CNN’s report.
See Indedent Exposure at AOL

As a woman, I appreciate all the help I can get with my car to keep it running safely. So here’s a car tip for all you gals out there! Has your car been dying out on you in the middle of the road? I just had a marvelous experience at my local auto parts store, Advance Discount Auto Parts. So gratifying was my experience, I had to share it with you in hopes it might help you too!

My car has been cutting out on me for several weeks now. Oh, it would start again, but when you?re sitting in the middle of the road, that?s a dangerous place to be trying to re-start your car ? especially at night! Well, my brother was with me one day so he said, ?Sis, you need a tune up. Let?s replace your spark plugs, change the air filters, distributor cap, etc. and it?ll run just fine again.?

We did that! And it sure needed it! Joe, our neighbor, also a mechanic, was helping my brother do the work and commented that the spark plugs were so burnt; he didn?t know how the car worked at all! (I have angels! What can I say?)

When the guys were finished, I took it for a test run and it drove like a new car! It was wonderful! I was so happy! But several days later, it cut out on me again! ?Oh, no, what now?? Something in my head said, ?Go check your battery at the auto store!?

There Is No Death!

January 25th, 2004 | Posted by Ruthanna in General - (1 Comments)

By Ruthanna Smith

In Loving Memory of Dana Osteen
Keystone Heights, Florida

To be read slowly so as to grasp the depth of meaning given, in love, by the Holy Spirit.

There is no death.
A truth you’ll see is right.

We serve a God,

Those we call “dead”
Have only gone

To the unseen world
All came from.

Life is a gift.
And it has no end!

This you will know,
When you cross that bend.

Don’t cry for those
Who have gone before.

They’ll be there (for you)
On the other shore.

There is no death.

“Here’s my story about the power of a dream to save a life. I’m a 2x National Champion Parachutist, Jumpmaster, and Parachute Rigger and I’ve trained hundreds of people to make their first parachute jump.

It was fall, late 1970’s or early 1980’s. My best friend Chipper had set up a training class for some of his friends to make a parachute jump and had asked me to go to the airport with him. Chipper was very special. I had trained him to make his first parachute jump and over the years we made hundreds of jumps together. We were also Vietnam combat vets… a very close bond. So when Chipper asked me to be there, of course I said yes. He wanted me there to make sure his friends received the training they needed to safely make the jumps.

So the day came and Chipper, John, and I, with the group, headed out to the airport. They started the class. I was just in the back watching and listening. The training was ok. At one point I was taking a break in the pilot’s lounge watching a football game on TV. Another jumper I knew walked through and saw me. He stopped, looked at me, and asked what I was doing and why I was not jumping. At that time I had somewhere around 8,000 jumps, and for me to be sitting around watching TV at the DZ (drop zone) was strange, indeed. I didn’t know how to answer exactly. I didn’t want to say I was really scrutinizing another instructor to make sure our friends were going to be safe. So I just said I was hanging out waiting for Chipper’s friends to finish their first jump course. He gave me a strange look and walked on. I pondered the thought myself for a moment. The instructor was certified so I really didn’t need to be there, I thought. But Chipper asked me, so I was there. My friends, let me tell you… the real answer as to why I was there was about to be revealed in a moment that would impact my life and others… forever.

You see, several weeks prior to this day, I had a dream.

In fact I had the exact same dream three times. In the dream I saw myself standing with my hand stretched upward towards a cloudless blue sky. That’s all, nothing else. But I wasn’t thinking about the dream today. The three of us were just hanging out waiting for the class to finish.

Cathy writes: “I am so excited by what you wrote. The Lord started speaking to me in dreams in 1984… I am going thru an extremely emotional and spiritual part of my life right now, and the Lord is speaking to me so much in dreams again at this time. He is also confirming it thru my children. I have always felt the Lord was speaking to me in my dreams, but this is not hugely supported in a lot of Christian circles. Throughout the years, I know what worked for me, but I have never really encountered another Christian who really believed as I did, with the same conviction and understanding. I have tried to explain my position to others, and have tried to explain what I believed the Holy Spirit was telling me, but it never really made the same impression on anyone else…..it was as though they were missing the point.

“I reviewed your work tonight, and I am so excited by what you have written. No one else has ever grasped it before like I did, until I read your work.”

Dream — Your Connection to God!

January 24th, 2004 | Posted by Ruthanna in General - (0 Comments)

“I am a Christian, and the Lord has been speaking to me thru dreams for about 20 years now, and I continually want to learn. I am going thru a very difficult time in my life right now regarding the man I married about 1.5 years ago after being a single parent for 21 years, and I know the Lord is talking to me, but I do not totally understand what He is telling me. I was surfing the net a few nights ago, while feeling pretty sad, and after reading the preview of your book, it gave me some hope that if I can read it, I might better connect thru my dreams to God and what He is trying to show me. I think your research sounds fascinating, and I am very interested in reading about your journey.” From Cathy

To get your free preview of my book, just click Book on the menu bar to the right and download immediately.

Welcome To My World of Dreams!

January 24th, 2004 | Posted by Ruthanna in General - (0 Comments)

Thanks to the help of a dear friend, this new Diary section has been added to my site! This means I can now come to my site daily and post interesting questions or comments I receive from all of you! I will respond to your questions and post my comments right here in my Diary where we can all learn from one another! Just go to the menu bar, click on Contact and let me hear from you. While I want to focus on the subject of dreams mostly, it will also be fun to spin off onto other topics to keep things interesting and lively. If you haven?t done so yet, I?d like to invite you now to look through all the pages of my website, then make it a habit to come back regularly and click on Diary to see how fascinating my world of dreams can really be!