Why Would Christians Not Believe in This?
Why Would Christians Not Believe in This?

Why Would Christians Not Believe in This?

Cathy writes: “I am so excited by what you wrote. The Lord started speaking to me in dreams in 1984… I am going thru an extremely emotional and spiritual part of my life right now, and the Lord is speaking to me so much in dreams again at this time. He is also confirming it thru my children. I have always felt the Lord was speaking to me in my dreams, but this is not hugely supported in a lot of Christian circles. Throughout the years, I know what worked for me, but I have never really encountered another Christian who really believed as I did, with the same conviction and understanding. I have tried to explain my position to others, and have tried to explain what I believed the Holy Spirit was telling me, but it never really made the same impression on anyone else…..it was as though they were missing the point.

“I reviewed your work tonight, and I am so excited by what you have written. No one else has ever grasped it before like I did, until I read your work.”

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  1. Robert

    I must agree that God can and does speak to us through dreams. I’ve been a christian for about 17 years now, and lately have been pressing into God as never before, and I am dreaming anywhere from 2 to 5 or 6 dreams each night since shortly after starting to press in. I sure can’t say that all of them are from God, but I know at least some are. I have decided to act on 3 of them so far, playing it safe that it couldn’t hurt anyone if I was wrong – more along the line of encouragement. I am recording major points in my dreams and waiting on God for interpretation.


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