There Is No Death!
There Is No Death!

There Is No Death!

By Ruthanna Smith

In Loving Memory of Dana Osteen
Keystone Heights, Florida

To be read slowly so as to grasp the depth of meaning given, in love, by the Holy Spirit.

There is no death.
A truth you’ll see is right.

We serve a God,

Those we call “dead”
Have only gone

To the unseen world
All came from.

Life is a gift.
And it has no end!

This you will know,
When you cross that bend.

Don’t cry for those
Who have gone before.

They’ll be there (for you)
On the other shore.

There is no death.

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  1. I love this as I read this, I had both my parents burried on Christmas Day 20 years ago. It has been very hard on me. But I do believe that they are in a better place than we are,with no sickness,happy being with God .

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