Car Cutting Out On You?  Check Your Battery!
Car Cutting Out On You? Check Your Battery!

Car Cutting Out On You? Check Your Battery!

As a woman, I appreciate all the help I can get with my car to keep it running safely. So here’s a car tip for all you gals out there! Has your car been dying out on you in the middle of the road? I just had a marvelous experience at my local auto parts store, Advance Discount Auto Parts. So gratifying was my experience, I had to share it with you in hopes it might help you too!

My car has been cutting out on me for several weeks now. Oh, it would start again, but when you?re sitting in the middle of the road, that?s a dangerous place to be trying to re-start your car ? especially at night! Well, my brother was with me one day so he said, ?Sis, you need a tune up. Let?s replace your spark plugs, change the air filters, distributor cap, etc. and it?ll run just fine again.?

We did that! And it sure needed it! Joe, our neighbor, also a mechanic, was helping my brother do the work and commented that the spark plugs were so burnt; he didn?t know how the car worked at all! (I have angels! What can I say?)

When the guys were finished, I took it for a test run and it drove like a new car! It was wonderful! I was so happy! But several days later, it cut out on me again! ?Oh, no, what now?? Something in my head said, ?Go check your battery at the auto store!?

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