A Rap Song to “Clean Up Your Act!”
A Rap Song to “Clean Up Your Act!”

A Rap Song to “Clean Up Your Act!”

I appreciate common courtesy and respect don’t you? Quite frankly, I give high marks to any individual or media determined to keep vulgar profanity out of their broadcasting or vocabulary. Some musical groups, broadcasters, TV and film makers think they can’t be successful without it. But I just don’t buy it.

I think profanity cheapens the arts and I’d like to challenge all musical groups, all broadcasters, TV and film makers to start asking themselves, “Is this really necessary?” Personally I think it would be a great thing for the entire country if all the above would clean up their act! Perhaps if we, the people, would stop buying their stuff and start tuning them out, they might get the message and have more respect for our ears!

So, in the spirit of that thought, I would like to present a Rap Song to get some momentum going. Matt, my internet technical advisor, read it and immediately thought of the rap group Black Eyed Peas. So, if you’re listening guys, please contact me and let’s put some music to this and get it “out there!” Whatdayathink, America? Is this a good song? Do you recommend the band Black Eyed Peas to bring it to us musically? Cast your vote right here, at the bottom of the page under Comments. And, thanks!

A “Wrap” to Clean Up Your Act!
By Ruthanna Smith

one day I was thinkin’
And I looked around.
I saw a few smiles, I
Saw a lot of frowns.
It came to me then
That it’s jive and it’s cool
So I thought I’d try it:
Rappin’ you fool! (smile)

So here’s my first attempt,
Never mind my age.
If kids and thugs can do it,
Shouldn’t I take the stage?
It’s time to take a stand
And say “clean up your act” or
All the praise and accolades will
Shift over here, on my track!

Cause when you entertain,
It’s a sacred trust.
The words, the lyrics,
Should motivate, elevate or instruct.
Music and art
were never meant to be
An outlet for anyone
To dump their stinkin’ thinkin’ on me!

Especially on the young,
Impressionable, still growin’
They should be protected from
The stuff you’ve been sowin’
Why, if YOU came to dinner
And sat down for a steak,
Would you eat garbage?
If someone put it on YOUR plate?

I don’t think so!
I don’t think you’d adapt.
I think you’d scream out
“I’m not gonna eat THAT!”
So, am I supposed to let
YOU put bad stuff in my brain?
I don’t think so,
From that, I’ll refrain!

Now, to all who are hearing this,
Make your thoughts your friends.
Entertain the good ones,
Turn off those that offend.
Do it!
When they come around knockin’
On the door of your mind,
Say “outta here now,
For you, I don’t have time!”

Yeah, hit it!
Get it!
Make your thoughts your friends.
Fill your mind with good ones
They will
Help you to the end!
Come on in close,
You see, your mind is your friend.

Don’t hide! You decide!
Should this thought stay?
Is this one ok?
You’re in the know! You’re in control!
It’s up to you!
You know what to do!
Get on top!
Make bad thoughts STOP!

Now, a word to the wise
To all who perform:
Throw out your garbage
Where it belongs
We don’t wanna hear it
We value our mind
So from now,
we just don’t have time (pause)
So, clean up your act, Jack!

Copyright 2004 by Ruthanna Smith
All rights reserved

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Undisciplined, uncontrolled thoughts open the door to all kinds of stress, discord and dis-ease. You are the only one who can control your thoughts. You must stop them. No one can do it for you! How do you stop bad thoughts from tormenting you? Judge them! As soon as one pops into your head, ask yourself “has this thought come to make me happy or does it upset me? Is it good or bad?” Once you determine it is bad, immediately turn it around. You’re on “thought patrol!” You think about the opposite of it’s meaning, or you replace it with a happier thought. Bottom line is, focus on something constructive and pleasant; and do this everytime the bad thought presents itself. It may continue to try and harrass you until you stop feeding it with your time and attention. In other words, starve it to death. You can do it. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Yours for truth and freedom, Ruthanna

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  1. steve

    When all else fails try “DISCIPLINE”. It is not too late. Just say no to stinkin thinkin. What I do is fun. Beginning on friday night sunset I start focusing my mind to relax and rest while putting thoughts about God first. I go through my grateful list and thank HIM. I really try to abstain from buying, selling or working until saturday at sunset. In other words, I celebrate the Sabbath Rest by resting and reading God’s Holy Bible, the King James version. I do not wash the car, paint the house, or mow the yard etc. When I do this I start to feel that maybe, just maybe it will be possible to discipline my mind at other times too. Please try this and let me know how it affects you.

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