What is Love?
What is Love?

What is Love?

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. For some it will be a glorious day to celebrate the love they share with one another. For others, it will be a painful reminder that they’re alone. You may find yourself alone this Valentine�s Day, but you will not be without Love. Is Love something only to be shared with another? Or is Love something you can celebrate in your heart even though you’re alone? Thanks to the Hallmark Channel, I have been deeply reflecting on this whole matter of Love. What is it? There are so many ways to describe it… so many variations of Love itself.

A beautiful testimony to the power of Love, to bless and to heal, is seen in the movie “Love Comes Softly” on the Hallmark Channel. Please don’t miss this great movie which airs again this coming Saturday, February 14th on Valentine’s Day. It airs at 9pm (eastern standard time) and if you have plans, please record it so you can see it later. I haven’t seen a movie this good, this tender, with such quality of content for a long long time. And it’s all about Love… touching on its many aspects, stages and qualities. It’s about the love of friends who stand by you in your time of need, the love of a father for his little girl growing up without a mother, the love between two star struck lovers just starting out in life together facing their dreams full of hope and courage. And then there’s the ever present magnificent Love that brings them all together at the most critical times in their lives to help and sustain them. Wonderfully at last is the new love that develops out of tragedy and heartbreak. It’s a most amazing movie to watch… and to feel.

This beautiful story, “Love Comes Softly” answers the question of what Love is. It simply Is. Love simply exists. It’s all around you, everywhere. It’s in the wind that blows softly around your face. It’s in the smile or the handshake of a friend. It’s even there in the wagging tail of your faithful dog eager to share his love with you when you come home. Please don’t think that just because you’re alone without a spouse or a companion that you’re without Love. Because you’re not! Love is! It’s in the very air you breathe! It’s in your heart and Love is there for you! It’s here right now. And it guided you to this post.

Yes, Love Is. It’s all around you. The question is, do you see it? Do you feel it? Or have you been so hurt so beat down that you lost touch with it? OK, it’s time to break loose! Throw off those shackles! Trash the negative “nobody loves me” syndrome and embrace Love again. Yes, Love. Love itself. Love is there for you. It always has been. But you have to open the door of your heart and let it in! Will you do that now? Yes, you will…

Just say, “I WILL let Love in. I AM opening the door of my heart now and letting Love come in again where the hurt has been. I WILL let Love heal me. I AM letting Love heal me now. I WILL let myself feel Love again. I AM letting Love heal my feelings now. I AM letting Love heal my emotions now. I WILL see the Love that’s all around me and rejoice. I AM letting love fill me again and fill me so completely so fully that it will just “spill out” and touch the people around me, and cause them to rejoice. I AM full of God’s courage and strength and I AM not afraid anymore. I am not afraid to Love and I am not afraid to be loved. Love Is. And Love is free to exist within me now and forever. Love will change me. Love will change my life for the better and Love will set me free. Love is here now. Love is with me. I AM Loved and I AM Love.”

Great! Don’t you feel better now? Remember to start each day by breathing in Love. And say, “I AM breathing in Love. I AM loved. And I will share this love with others today.”

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