What is Love?
What is Love?

What is Love?

As you live each day with Love in your heart, your soul, it will finally draw the right person into your life with whom you can share a deeper more intimate love. That special person will just walk into your life and in time become your special love. But for now, be content to understand what Love is. And let it color your world with it’s beauty and wonder and most of all, let it reveal to you over and over just how much you are loved… by Love itself. Remember, Love Is. It’s eternal and it exists everywhere, all the time, forever. And, it’s in your heart, your life now. Embrace it! Feel it! Rejoice in it! And sometimes just bask in it.

Love truly is the most wonderful thing. And, it is especially wonderful when we can share it with someone special. But, why is that so difficult at times? We all want to be loved. But here’s the problem. We want to be loved unconditionally, but as human beings with flaws and imperfections, it is often impossible to give love unconditionally. Why? Because we have needs, we’re carrying emotional baggage, we’re struggling with a problem or dealing with a crisis and in the midst of it all, we need love but our relationship suffers because we’re not giving it well. We’re distracted, busy, caught up, ensnared. Again, we have to “get free.” Easier said than done, I know.

One way to deal with this is to establish, or re-establish, communication between you and the one you love or would like to love. Why are people so reluctant to talk? We’re afraid of rejection, but our very reluctance sets the stage for failure. If you want a healthy vital loving relationship, you’re going to have to open up a little and be willing to share what’s going on in your life and in your heart. Are you down? You could save yourself hours of misery if you’d just admit it and ask for help or understanding. Are you busy? Say so. Let that special person know you’d like to be there, but can’t. It saves them hours pain and wondering when they’re not hearing from you.

And, last but not least, relationships would thrive if people would not think for the other person. Don’t assume they are ignoring you, mad or treating you poorly. They might just be distracted and struggling with a problem like we mentioned above. But, if you can’t shake the feeling, ask them if something is wrong. Sometimes our imaginations can play tricks on us. When in doubt, always assume the best. Your belief in that other person can go a long way towards healing a relationship or keeping it healthy.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of the movies being featured on the Hallmark Channel this week, all about love. If you feel the same, click on the link and it will take you to the Hallmark Channel website with brief descriptions of upcoming shows and their times.

Here’s to you. And here’s to Love!

Have a blessed week and Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day regardless!

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