Edge of cliff
Edge of cliff

Edge of cliff

Ever have a dream where you are going down a road only to find it is impassable due to a very deep and wide ravine?

Ever dream about a little guy in his specially built helicopter that uses a new device to fly. He has a semi-rigid lifting wing device that could be described as very lite in weight. It was shaped like a giant corkscrew about 12 feet in diameter. The blades of the screw were triangular in shape and did not appear to turn at all. It could have been an electrical device embedded in what looked like fabric. The personal helicopter was wide open to the air and did not look like it would do well in high wind. The chair for the operator was much like a cheap lawn chair with wide fiberglass strapping. The whole device looked like it was made of the same material that a large umbrella would be made of. It could have been made in an umbrella shop. The man flying it did not appear to be the least bit concerned about his close proximity to me or the depth of the canyon he just flew over. I followed him and he soon set down his little craft alongside the road. The commotion of his doing so caused an accident. A large semi-truck ran into a two man hovercraft that looked to me military in design and color. The hover craft was not hurt but it did tip on its side. Black motor oil came spilling out and appeared to injure the rearmost operator. He appeared to shake it off and busied himself with righting the craft with the adjustment of some controls. Soon everyone was back on their way with no intervention of the police or paper work to fill out.

Has anyone had a similar dream about flying machines or impassable valleys?

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  1. It sounds like there must have been some unusual alloys to have held up to the stress of the wind. Carbon fiber poles are successfully used to hold up tents. Could these supports have been such a carbon fiber?

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