Dynamic Confession
Dynamic Confession

Dynamic Confession

Christ in me is my releasing power. Christ in me is my freeing power. Christ in me is my forgiving power. Christ in me has always freed me and continues to free me from all resentment and from all attachments to people or things, past or present.

There is no competition in Christ, and there is no competition between me or anybody else. The forgiving love of Christ forgives and releases any ill feeling between me or anybody else now and forever. I am released from them and I release them from me. We both go free to prosper.

I am in right relationship with all people and all situations right now. I give people and situations over to God. I cannot change them, but He can change them and I call them changed right now for the better in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

I claim all things that I have lost and/or misplaced as found! Thank you, Holy Spirit, for leading me to all these things. I claim all the things that the devil has taken from me as returned.

I thank you, Father, that all obstacles have been moved out of my way so I now prosper. My present income is booming and more than takes care of all my needs. And, I thank you, Father! I comand the devil right now, “get out of my way, devil, in the name of Jesus. I am prospering right now and you can’t stand in my way.”

I get rid of worn out things, in worn out condition, and worn out relationships. Divine Order is now established and maintained in me and in my world. Angels and Archangels come into my life. I loose my good and hold it gently and free it readily. I am in Divine Order. I am in sublime order now.

The inflow and outflow of everthing in my life is established in Divine Order. I am peaceful and poised. I let go and I let God. I will forever give you all the praise, all the honor, all the glory, all the love and all the adoration in your son Jesus’ name. Amen, Amen and Amen.

Submitted by: Evangelist Mary, Jacksonville, Florida

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