What does it mean if I don’t dream?
What does it mean if I don’t dream?

What does it mean if I don’t dream?

Some say they don’t dream; others say they can’t remember their dreams. What does this mean? David Kahn, PhD at Harvard University Medical School answers:

“You almost certainly do dream, but you don’t remember that you do. The part of the brain that remembers what we’ve just said or done is essentially off-line when we sleep, so the vast majority of dreams are forgotten.

“If you keep a pad or a tape recorder by your bed and jot down your dreams before they disappear, you are more likely to remember them.

“There’s also evidence that we can will ourselves to retain more dreams. Before you go to sleep and after you wake up, tell yourself you want to remember.

“The only people who might not dream are those with stroke damage or who have lesions on specific parts of the brain. Even in these extreme cases, it isn’t clear whether these people don’t dream or whether they are just incapable of remembering dreams.”

And, there you have it. We surely do dream! We just don’t always remember them. But you can change that with a little will power. Try prayer… and ask God to help you remember. He will, because He wants to speak to you in your dreams. And, if He wants to speak to you about something in your life; He will surely help you receive and remember the dream. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it! Check out my book here. It’s only $9.95 and it will help you understand how to interpret your own dreams. God bless. Love, Ruthanna


  1. Tatiana Bee

    Hey I don’t dream…. I am 13 years old and i dont dream. I haven’t had a dream since i was in kindergarten. I am able to control what happens in my dreams…. Is that normal? I have not had a stroke or any brain lesions… I think. I just want to know why I don’t dream anymore. I maybe get a dream once a month and they are always nightmares.

    Tatiana Bee

  2. Tori

    I never dream every and my friends talk about there wild dreams me I’m like what are those look I’m 13 and I’ve never dreamed in my life

  3. If you are a healthy 13 year old, you ARE dreaming… you just don’t remember them. And, believe me, you are blessed if you’re not having “wild” dreams like your friends. To be able to sleep peacefully at night is a blessing. Thank God for that but also let Him know that you are open to hear HIS VOICE in your dreams… if there is ever anything really important He wants to share with you. God loves you and will welcome that invitation.

  4. Cece

    Hi, I do understand that everyone dreams. Meaning I dream. But I never ever remember them. Not even when I first wake up it’s just an empty feeling. Sometimes I will dream of a black screen just that but that’s only once a month in the last 10 years I can remember only 3-5 dreams and they all ended with me waking up screaming or crying or extremely sweating. What do I do? I’m 15 turning 16 this year.

  5. Dear Cece… my area of experience lies in the spiritual realm. If you are a healthy young woman and there’s no health issues, then in your case, I recommend you read my book, to explore this fascinating subject a little more deeply. My book is simple and easy to read. I really think you would enjoy reading it. Please know I am not trying to sell you something, but if you are interested in this whole matter of dreams and dreaming, you would benefit from reading it and I address many areas of this wonderful subject of dreams… what they are, what they’re not, how to remember them, why you don’t…the issue of good dreams vs bad dreams. We all have them… bad dreams. And often they come in the night because you have some conflict going on in your life that’s trying to be resolved. Seems to me you’re ready to explore this subject, so I hope you do. Knowledge is power… and brings peace.

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