Can we use our dreams to improve our lives?
Can we use our dreams to improve our lives?

Can we use our dreams to improve our lives?

Yes! By allowing them to speak to us, to warn us and to guide us! They will come to do just that, but you have to recognize and receive the messages by being open and receptive. You not only have to want to hear, but you have to be willing to hear and then seek to know how to hear. That’s what I try to do in my book offered here on this website for only $9.95. It’s a great investment for a lifetime of being able to hear what a dream is saying to help you live life to the fullest, avoid disasters and receive the guidance that will definitely help you improve your life. Let’s also check in with Dr. Kahn at Harvard University Medical School and see how he answers this question:

“The things that appear in our dreams often carry an emotional tug for us during our waking lives. Since the dreaming mind is unconstrained, we might think of these things in different ways when we’re asleep than we do when we’re awake, potentially helping us gain some insight into ourselves.

“For example, a woman dreamed that she missed her highway exit while driving to meet her boyfriend. In the dream, she was so concerned about being late that she put her car in reverse and backed up to the exit despite the dangers. When asked, ‘What does this dream mean to you?’ the woman answered that she didn’t want to disappoint her boyfriend by being late. She hadn’t previously realized how concerned she was about this boyfriend’s opinion of her.

“What we should not do is let others tell us what our dreams represent. Such interpretations tend to be projections of the person doing the analysis, not the dreamer.”

Thank you, Dr. David Kahn. You have just confirmed what I came to believe as well, and wrote about in my book, that the dreamer is the best one to interpret the dream dreamed. Others can help, but the message in the dream was for the dreamer and he or she is the only one who can fully understand and appreciate it.

Within each individual is the power and the ability to interpret one’s own dream. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand your dreams and you will be amazed how it will come to you. While driving down the road or taking a shower, all of a sudden you’ll just know. The understanding you asked for is literally just dropped into your mind (spirit) and you get the message! Are you gettin’ it? God bless you as you experience the adventure of understanding your dreams! Love, Ruthanna

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