What is sleep paralysis?
What is sleep paralysis?

What is sleep paralysis?

“Sleep paralysis while dreaming is perfectly normal. In fact, we would be at risk if we didn’t experience it. Our bodies become paralyzed during the dream stages of sleep to prevent us from physically acting out whatever we’re doing in our dreams. Without sleep paralysis, we might sleepwalk out a window or punch our spouse as we fight off a dream attacker. Medications are available for those who don’t always experience sleep paralysis naturally.

“Occasionally, sleep paralysis will continue momentarily after we wake up. This can be scary, but it generally lasts only a few seconds.”

Thank you, Dr. David Kahn, Harvard University Medical School, Boston.

Knowledge is power, and it is helpful to understand all that goes on during a dream, so we can relax and fully cooperate with the process. Apparently, sleep paralysis is nothing to fear, just something to understand. And now we do! “Sweet Dreams” Ruthanna

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  1. steve

    Has anyone ever dreamed that they were asleep and dreaming? Once, after an alarming dream with a happy ending, I sat down in a comfortable chair and dreamed that I was happily asleep while wide awake. My whole body felt extremely relaxed, like it weighed ten tons. It was a pleasurable but curious feeling.

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