Protecting our health protects our dreams…
Protecting our health protects our dreams…

Protecting our health protects our dreams…

Protect your dreams, and your health, by arming yourself with knowledge. A friend sent me the following in an e-mail which I’m now passing along to you… I warn you, it’s controversial. If you are not already aware of these things, you may be shocked and want to say “This can’t be true!” Let me say, I wish it were not. I hope it is not. But, if he’s right, let’s ask ourselves what we can do to first protect ourselves and then those we love and others. Herein, I present Dr. Brown’s observations and warnings for your consideration. I offer this without condemnation of the entities he mentions. In fact, we congratulate the Girl Scouts for their response to the truth; and we can only hope all of them will be alerted and take the appropriate action to protect the publics health and wellbeing. Lastly, it is my hope this information will motivate you to take care of yourself… and be well. Most sincerely, Ruthanna

Dr. Stephen A. Brown, PhD. writes:

Oftentimes, the average individual has no awareness of the machinations underlying the marketing of drugs to our population and the insidious contamination of our food supply by chemicals injurious to ourselves and our children. As an example, one can consider the recent decision of the Girl Scouts to modify their cookies and remove the dangerous trans fatty acids. For years, those of us knowledgeable about these machinations would not even consider allowing our children to either consume or sell such cookies.

You have no doubt recently heard about Vioxx and the many deaths attributed to it. In time, you will learn about mercury poisoning and the real dangers of mercury fillings or the presence of fluorinated water and the use of sodium laurel and laureth compounds in hair and tooth products. There are many more such dangerous chemicals that the average American unwittingly allows into the diet of their family. Further study will reveal for example the very real relationship of ingestions of soft drinks from aluminum cans and Coca Cola, as the belated awareness of the former practice of spraying for mosquitoes so compromised the health of a former generation.

There is so much more, even the unwarranted use of vaccinations forced upon our children and passively accepted as essential by so many who are completely unaware of the degree to which they compromise their immune systems and in part lead to the high incidence of obesity, diabetes and the many immune compromised disease categories often puzzling so many of my medical friends in their true desire to assist their patients. Only today, so many good citizens are being literally forced to reexamine their nutrient intake as they have become victims of their own ignorance and the greed based marketing paradigms of companies whose profit incentive supersedes any concern for the true impact of their products upon the health of the consumer.

One need only examine the tobacco and milk industries to realize this. After all, who would feel comfortable about drinking cow pus if they actually knew that is what they were drinking. Certainly, no parent would actually support the early development of sexual hormones and growth of body parts purposefully but do so unknowingly through their use of milk containing growth hormones and other substances used to increase agricultural profitability. In any case, there is much more available for any of us to research about this but we will soon realize that the words FDA Approved are no true guarantee of the safety of our family or the clear efficacy of a drug whose side effects are often far more life threatening than the condition they ostensibly alleviate. Of course, as indicated in the enclosed, one is wise to recognize that far too few individuals consider the consequences of their choices too far beyond their immediate benefit. Certainly, we have become increasingly aware, even over the past few years, that government does not always hold our own interests at the forefront of its choices.

This morning’s email is my gift to you. Too often personal or family crisis becomes the inspiration for an individual to delve further into the role he or she plays in their own health. I can recall my own childhood when my mother had no idea that she had been so mislead by the milk industry to even believe that the ingestion of milk resulted in strong bones through the calcium contained in it. Had she only know the difficulty of using such calcium and the resultant allergies it caused me. She was quick to believe the marketing propaganda about margarine which today many realize is fraught with dangers. In like fashion, many of you will discover the insidious nature of Splenda and the other so called sugar substitutes and how immune threatening they are to the lives and health of you and your family.

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