Why do certain common themes occur in most people’s dreams?
Why do certain common themes occur in most people’s dreams?

Why do certain common themes occur in most people’s dreams?

“There do seem to be some universal dream themes. Among the most common are not being prepared, such as for a test… being chased or attacked… and not being in control. The details of these dreams differ from culture to culture–the out-of-control car in your dream might be a runaway horse in a part of the world without cars — but the themes appear everywhere.

“Perhaps these dreams reflect something basic about the human condition,” says David Kahn, PhD researcher and instructor at Harvard University Medical School, Boston, and chair of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. www.asdreams.org “We all worry about being unprepared, being attacked and lacking control.”

Common dream themes are the result of common human concerns… concerns that anyone can have, but don’t always admit! Certain dreams simply reflect what you may be worried or concerned about. Once you identify what the underlying concern is — and address it — perhaps you won’t have that troublesome dream again.

That’s the positive way to deal with unpleasant dreams. Try to discover what it’s saying. If it’s saying “hey, you’re concerned about “such and such.” Then, you can reflect and hopefully resolve the concern by admitting it and then deciding a possible course of action on your part that will essentially resolve the issue. Think it through. Pray about it. Seek advice from a trusted friend if necessary. And, be willing to deal with this correctly, fairly and maturely.

The dream is there to let you know what’s going on within. Now, you can take the appropriate action. Sometimes it may be as simple as becoming aware; and now that you are, somehow the issue is resolved. Or perhaps it’s an issue that needs your forgiveness. So try that. Forgive the person or the situation and let go.

Finally, you’ve heard the old saying: “Let go and let God.” If it’s a concern you can’t do anything about, pray and ask God to handle it. Thank Him for that and then trust Him to do it. And remember… Faith sees the answer before it comes… Love, Ruthanna

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