Ron Paul : Stop Dreaming
Ron Paul : Stop Dreaming

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  1. steve

    Republic or Democracy, does anyone besides Ron Paul know the difference? The last statement in this video explaining who Dr. Ron Paul is reminds me that we live in a Republic if we can keep it. A very wise man once explained what a Republic is by telling a story. In a canoe were two wolves and one sheep. The subject of lunch came up. The three occupants of the canoe took a vote. There were two votes to eat the sheep and one vote to eat some grass. In a Democracy the sheep would lose his life but in a Republic the sheep have rights and the two wolves had to wait until they got to a MacDonalds.
    I will vote for anyone who says the government should balance its budget, refrain from foreign entanglements, and abolish confiscation of money. The IRS does not tax me. They confiscate my money. Look it up in the dictionary if you want. Any tax amount that I do not miss is OK. A series of taxes that take in excess of 3 % of my money is not a tax. Let confiscation be called what it is. Government is presently too big for me.

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