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June 11th, 2009 | Posted by Ruthanna in General

On Easter Sunday my chest and abdomen started to get really tight, like I had eaten something that made me sick. Eight weeks later I went to the Dr.’s office because I was having trouble breathing. Several of the Cardiologists who looked at me said it was an absolute miracle that I was still alive. The left side of my heart was nearly useless because of a blood clot. My lungs were full of water inside and in the pleural space because of reduced blood circulation. Ten days went by in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Water pills removed the water in my lungs. IT sure felt good to have air inside my lungs again. Medicine has it under control. My orders are to take it really easy for 2 months and let the heart heal as much as it will. ENTER THE DREAM; While waking up at home several days later I felt a peculiar feeling inside my chest. At first there was no understanding at all what was happening. Into my mind came the word “COMPLETE” and then I knew the sensation in my chest was four heavenly fingers stroking the left side of my heart. This dream was telling me that God wants to get my attention. God wants me to know that He is still in the healing business. God wants me to know that He really loves me. Following this dream and for hours afterward I just felt so full of joy until tears came readily to my eyes. Have you ever had a similar experience?

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