“The Awakening 2010”
“The Awakening 2010”

“The Awakening 2010”

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

A spirit of revolution and renewal is awakening people
across America. That’s why The Freedom Federation is
holding a powerful gathering called “The Awakening 2010”
at Liberty University on April 15-16. Patriotic Americans
like you will greatly profit from joining us…please read
more below. – Mat


Christians in our nation today face unprecedented threats to the
free practice of our faith. As never before in the history
of our Republic, federal and state governments are “putting
the squeeze” on the consciences of believers and overtly
infringing upon our God-given liberties.

Ultraliberal legislation, oppressive regulatory policies,
and adverse court rulings are all creating pressure on
the practice of our faith. And that doesn’t even begin
to address the rise of radical Islam, the increasing
hedonism, and the loss of civility that plague our
culture today.

No doubt, these are intensely challenging times. But it is
in times like these that God raises His Standard!

One of the exciting things the Lord is doing right now is
calling forth The Freedom Federation, a collaboration of
many of the nation’s largest multiracial, multiethnic and
multigenerational faith-based and policy organizations.
The Federation already represents over 30 million Americans
united by core values and the desire to bring REAL change!

++A silver lining in America’s cloud of moral decay.

The truth is, our nation’s Christians have no choice but
to stand together in this way. The kinds of pressure we
are experiencing from radical homosexual activists,
socialist political demagogues, anti-Christian bigots,
and those who simply want to cast away all bonds of
morality and decency COMPEL us to join together!

As Benjamin Franklin said when facing a different kind of
tyranny, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall
all hang separately.” In many ways, pressure against the
free expression of our faith is even greater today
than it was at the time of our founding.

Please click here to explore the Federation’s web site and
learn all about “The Awakening 2010”:


++Real Hope. Real Change. Real Freedom.

At “The Awakening 2010,” we are going to celebrate a new
movement composed of many voices honoring Him across racial,
ethnic, and generational lines. Over 10,000 attendees will
hear motivational and informative messages by many of the
nation’s best known and most esteemed Christian leaders.

The Awakening begins on Thursday night at 5:00 pm and
concludes on Friday night with a powerful Liberty & Justice
Rally. Confirmed speakers include Rick Joyner, Ken Blackwell,
Tony Perkins, Richard Land, Cindy Jacobs, Ergun Caner, Wendy
Wright, Lou Engle, Samuel Rodriguez, and many more Christian
cultural leaders.

And on Friday morning, attendees will hear from Israeli Vice
Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Deputy Minister of Foreign
Affairs Daniel Ayallon addressing the new realities of
official relations between Israel and the United States.

Through the generosity of one of our Federation members, we
have been able to drop the registration fee that was $25
for adults! But everyone must register.

Won’t you pray about how YOU can participate? One easy way
you can bless the Freedom Federation and “The Awakening 2010”
is to forward this message to several of your like-minded
friends and fellow Christians. Click here to get all the
details and to register:


“The Awakening 2010” will offer a wide variety of break-out
sessions covering vital topics like social, economic and
domestic policy issues. National security, foreign affairs,
and intercultural issues will also be addressed.

There will also be training and review of The Freedom
Federation’s advanced technology platform, which now allows
independent Christian organizations and individuals to
network, blog, create events, find events, and mobilize
Americans who share your core values!

++ “The Awakening 2010” is, above all, a celebration!

There will be tracks for pastors, seekers of public office,
nonprofit leaders, community organizers, and just plain
patriotic citizens who love their nation! Inspiring and
gifted musical artists will bring a variety of devotional
and entertainment experiences.

A full listing of speakers and performers is available at
the Federation web site, where you can also register for
this extraordinary event. Go here:


++Something NEW is happening in America!

A spirit of revolution is awakening people and uniting
communities across racial, ethnic, and generational lines.
People are rallying around shared values because of the
increasing attacks against our faith and freedom.

The movement we are witnessing today is broader and deeper
than anything we have seen in our lifetime. It is NOT built
around a personality or a charismatic leader. Rather, it
is a Movement built upon MANY voices and MANY leaders!

“The Awakening 2010” is sponsored by the numerous
organizations and leaders who have come together to
form The Freedom Federation. It will be a time to
unite around our shared values and faith, and a time
to find our strength in that unity.

Although it is going to be a massive gathering, “The
Awakening 2010” won’t be the same without YOU! Please
ask the Lord if He would have you join us on April 15
and 16, 2010. Again, you can go here to learn more:


Looking forward to seeing you there,

Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. This event really is going to be a huge celebration!
The founding meetings of The Freedom Federation have all
been blessed by a tremendous sense of the Lord’s presence.
If at all possible, make plans now to attend – “The
Awakening 2010” needs YOU to help bring renewed hope and
REAL change to America! And please consider sending this
message to several of your friends and fellow Christians.
Here’s a final link to learn more and to register:


God bless you!

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