When trouble assaults..
When trouble assaults..

When trouble assaults..

God loves you. You are so dear…

When trouble assaults, remember this:

Jesus spoke to the wind and the waves and said “PEACE, BE STILL.” And, they obeyed Him…

You don’t always have to understand what’s going on… just speak to your present situation and say, “By the authority given to me as a daughter (or son) of God, I speak now to my present circumstances and say “Peace… Peace, be still.” Now… allow yourself to feel the power. Be quiet for a moment and feel the power of those words going out.. to be obeyed.

To all that’s been disturbing you say “Peace, Be Still and come into God Harmony, now. I Trust You, Father God, that Your Divine Right Activity, is taking place in my life, my home, my finances and my work, NOW.”

“I thank You. Let it be, just as I have spoken it.”

Continue speaking over (commanding) the situations and people involved… to come into Divine Harmony now. Then Trust that the Father is orchestrating everything and bringing everything that disturbs into silence and peace once again.

Think of the JESUS IN YOU as you speak and speak knowing that HIS AUTHORITY is in you, with you, and upon you.

God be praised.

All day long… say to yourself “All is well because Divine Harmony is manifesting now in my life, my work and my home. All is well, thank you, Father.”

I love you. And so does the Father.

Be blessed,
Dr. Ruthanna

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