Understand Dreams
About the Author

About the Author

I was fascinated by my dreams. What did they mean? Why were some so entertaining and others so frightening? Why did some seem to offer direction while others made no sense at all? I began to ask these questions. So who better to turn to than the ultimate source of all knowledge Himself – God? Would He answer?

Indeed! And as He did, I began to record what I felt I heard Him saying, not only for my benefit, but for yours as well, because I was thinking about you, too! I purposed in my heart to record as much as I could, when I could. I also did some research, and my findings are now available for your study and consideration. This is not difficult reading. I’m not trying to impress with long words or fancy footwork. Reading my book is more like going on an adventure. Some of my readers have told me they couldn’t put it down until they finished it. It’s only 111 pages, so it doesn’t take long, but my advice is to read a chapter a day, like a devotional, and let it sink in. If you find yourself unable to put it down, however, then go ahead! Enjoy it! But promise me you’ll go back later and really chew on it chapter by chapter. Revelation received through dream interpretation can be life-changing — if you consciously apply it to your everyday living. It may take a little effort. Any change or improvement takes effort, but the rewards are incredibly worthwhile.

When I began this project, I was married and had many responsibilities as joint-owner of a satellite company. In addition, I was the Co-Host of a local talk show five days a week, then on Sundays you’d find me leading the music at my church. Life was full. I have a strong faith in God and His goodness, which has held me together and kept me going when times were tough. God actually strengthened my faith by speaking to me about my life in my dreams. I believe He wants to do the same for you. He wants you to understand how He speaks and how to interpret what He’s saying in your dreams.

As I began to listen for answers… to the questions I was asking God about dreams, I came to the strong realization that He is just waiting… to have quality time with me, and you. He was so eager to reply. I began to discern that there’s a lot He wants to tell us! But since most of us are so preoccupied and busy most of the time, He has to try and make Himself heard at night, when we’re finally quiet. But then what do we do? We fall asleep! But does that stop Him? Does He give up? No. He just quietly weaves whatever He’s trying to tell us into the fabric of our dreams. Sometimes we pick it up, but most of the time we miss it because we haven’t been taught how to benefit from our dreams, at least not until now. Haven’t you ever felt like there was something, some hidden message, within a dream you had? And from the moment you woke up, something about it just nagged at you all day long? Well, you were right! You had probably received a message from God that night – a message you just didn’t quite know how to hear or receive.

I really want you to learn how to receive! Think about it!

That God Himself, the very Creator of the Universe, wants to speak to you, intimately about your life and the things that concern you, through your own personal dreams, is so exciting, and the potential for your personal enrichment so great, I found myself compelled to share the secrets of dream interpretation with you that God shared with me.

My highest joy will be to learn that it has helped you… in any way… great or small. So, please, don’t miss the blessing this book contains for you. And, by all means, please let me hear from you. I am looking forward to your feedback. Creating this work was a sacrifice of time, and a labor of love. But your enrichment will have made it all worthwhile. Thank you for your trust and confidence in me. You won’t be disappointed. God is good. He’s reaching out to you in your dreams. Learn to hear and understand what He’s saying. He wants to help you, guide you, teach you, and be your very best friend, forever.

Special Note: So intrigued by the way God was communicating with her through dreams, Ruthanna began taking night courses from seminary. In 1997, she received her doctorate in Christian Education.

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