Exploring the world of dream interpretation…

Yes! By allowing them to speak to us, to warn us and to guide us! They will come to do just that, but you have to recognize and receive the messages by being open and receptive. You not only have to want to hear, but you have to be willing to hear and then seek to know how to hear. That’s what I try to do in my book offered here on this website for only $9.95. It’s a great investment for a lifetime of being able to hear what a dream is saying to help you live life to the fullest, avoid disasters and receive the guidance that will definitely help you improve your life. Let’s also check in with Dr. Kahn at Harvard University Medical School and see how he answers this question:

“The things that appear in our dreams often carry an emotional tug for us during our waking lives. Since the dreaming mind is unconstrained, we might think of these things in different ways when we’re asleep than we do when we’re awake, potentially helping us gain some insight into ourselves.

“For example, a woman dreamed that she missed her highway exit while driving to meet her boyfriend. In the dream, she was so concerned about being late that she put her car in reverse and backed up to the exit despite the dangers. When asked, ‘What does this dream mean to you?’ the woman answered that she didn’t want to disappoint her boyfriend by being late. She hadn’t previously realized how concerned she was about this boyfriend’s opinion of her.

“What we should not do is let others tell us what our dreams represent. Such interpretations tend to be projections of the person doing the analysis, not the dreamer.”

Thank you, Dr. David Kahn. You have just confirmed what I came to believe as well, and wrote about in my book, that the dreamer is the best one to interpret the dream dreamed. Others can help, but the message in the dream was for the dreamer and he or she is the only one who can fully understand and appreciate it.

Within each individual is the power and the ability to interpret one’s own dream. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand your dreams and you will be amazed how it will come to you. While driving down the road or taking a shower, all of a sudden you’ll just know. The understanding you asked for is literally just dropped into your mind (spirit) and you get the message! Are you gettin’ it? God bless you as you experience the adventure of understanding your dreams! Love, Ruthanna

YES! It’s called lucid dreaming!

Dr. David Kahn, researcher and instructor in the department of psychiatry at Harvard University Medical School, Boston elaborates:

“The only way to control dreams is through something called lucid dreaming. In a lucid dream, the dreamer is aware that he/she is dreaming. Once armed with this awareness, it might be possible to take control of the dream — for example, by changing a frightening dream into something more pleasant. Perhaps the knife in a pursuer’s hand becomes a large piece of cake.

“Lucid dreaming isn’t easy, but it seems anyone can accomplish it with effort. If you’d like to try, think about the situations common in your dreams but impossible or unlikely in real life, such as flying without a plane or being chased by killers. Every night before you go to sleep, remind yourself, ‘If I’m flying, I must be dreaming.’ It could take weeks or months, but eventually you may achieve a lucid dream. Some who have mastered lucid dreaming say it becomes easier once you get the hang of it.”

What does it mean if I don’t dream?

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Some say they don’t dream; others say they can’t remember their dreams. What does this mean? David Kahn, PhD at Harvard University Medical School answers:

“You almost certainly do dream, but you don’t remember that you do. The part of the brain that remembers what we’ve just said or done is essentially off-line when we sleep, so the vast majority of dreams are forgotten.

“If you keep a pad or a tape recorder by your bed and jot down your dreams before they disappear, you are more likely to remember them.

“There’s also evidence that we can will ourselves to retain more dreams. Before you go to sleep and after you wake up, tell yourself you want to remember.

“The only people who might not dream are those with stroke damage or who have lesions on specific parts of the brain. Even in these extreme cases, it isn’t clear whether these people don’t dream or whether they are just incapable of remembering dreams.”

And, there you have it. We surely do dream! We just don’t always remember them. But you can change that with a little will power. Try prayer… and ask God to help you remember. He will, because He wants to speak to you in your dreams. And, if He wants to speak to you about something in your life; He will surely help you receive and remember the dream. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it! Check out my book here. It’s only $9.95 and it will help you understand how to interpret your own dreams. God bless. Love, Ruthanna

A Blessing for you this New Year!

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May peace break into your house and steal all sadness or strife.
May love and laughter fill your heart and spill out into your life!
May the pockets of your jeans become magnets attracting $100 bills.
May any tears you cry be only joy-filled.
May your clothes smell of success.
May the problems you had… forget your home address!
And may your world, my very dear friend,
be filled with much happiness!
In simple words …………


Why Do We Dream?

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“This is still under debate. At one extreme, there are researchers who will argue that dreaming is simply an epiphenomenon, or a side effect, of chemical changes that occur in the brain during sleep. At the other extreme, some believe that dreaming is a mechanism that allows us to reconsider what’s going on in our lives without the constraints that we impose on our thoughts when we’re awake.

“A theory known as the threat simulation hypothesis proposes that the purpose of dreams is to make us respond to artificial threats so that we’re better able to cope with threats that come up in real life. Another theory suggests that our dreams help us interpret what other people are thinking, a useful skill for social beings.

“I can only speculate on the purpose of dreaming. I think that dreams provide us with new ways to see ourselves and our relationships with people and the world–to think outside the box.”

David Kahn, PhD, researcher and instructor in the department of psychiatry at Harvard University Medical School, Boston, and chair of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

Anyway you say it, dreams are often a gift — whether we’re working out our problems (without the normal constraints we would impose while awake) or learning survival techniques or analyzing things. They often come, unexpected, to teach, to guide, to warn us. I hope you will quickly see that God, our loving Heavenly Father, wants to speak to us through our dreams, if only we’ll listen. Are you listening?

If you’d like some help in understanding more about dreams and how to interpret them, please click on “home” at the top of this page and download my book.  I think you’ll find it helpful and easy to understand.

Love, Ruthanna

9 Insights Movie–Inspiring!

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Note: This is my own personal website. I hope
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You’re Never Alone

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We often feel alone and isolated during difficult times. We might convince ourselves that no one understands our struggles, and we are the only ones who appreciate our successes and failures.

If you feel this way, take a look at the people you live and work with every day. Whether it’s your spouse or just a good friend, chances are good that there’s someone standing by to listen when you need to talk or to offer words of encouragement when your mood needs a boost. Don’t be afraid to ask for this support. And remember, spiritual support is constant, and for that, asking isn’t necessary. The book of Romans assures us:

“And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels can’t, and the demons can’t. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, and even the powers of hell can’t keep God’s love away. Whether we are high above the sky or in the deepest ocean, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.” ( Romans 8:35–39) Jordan Rubin, author of The Maker’s Diet, BiblicalHealthDaily@makersdiet.com

A Lonely Dog

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A Lonely Dog

I wish someone would tell me… just what I have done wrong.

Why I have to stay chained up… be left alone so long?

They seemed so glad to have me, when I came here as a pup.

There were so many things we’d do while I was growing up!

The Master said he’d train me as a companion and a friend.

The Mistress said she’d never fear to be alone again.

The children said they’d feed me, and brush me every day.

They’d play with me and walk me, if only I could stay…

But now the Master “hasn’t time” The Mistress says I shed–

She doesn’t want me in the house not even to be fed.

The children never walk me. They always say, “Not now!”

I wish that I could please them, won’t someone tell me how?

All I had for them was love. I wish they would explain,

Why they said they wanted mine, then left it on a chain…

– Author Unknown


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We are absolutely delighted to announce that a book based upon The Secret is about to be released through Atria Books/Simon & Schuster. The book was compiled and written by the creator of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, featuring the words and teachings of the 24 featured teachers from The Secret. It is a hardcover, full color, precious sized book and will begin appearing on bookshelves world wide from 27th November, if not before. You can also pre-order from Amazon.com right now…

The Secret Book (Hardcover)

As a companion to the film, this life-transforming book offers additional information, more personal stories, and examples of how readers can apply the wisdom of The Secret to their daily lives.

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Larry King Live & The Secret Panel

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Hats off to Larry King for his great interview with the distinguished experts featured in The Secret movie. What they are bringing to light in this new movie has life-changing potential for us all and I applaud Larry King for having them on his show. To catch the next broadcast featuring “Secret” experts, click on this link>> The Secret on Larry King Live (Schedule)