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Had some challenges lately? Disappointments?

One of the things I have discovered over the years is — there is rarely a straight line to success.

No matter what, there’s always bumps in the road or
obstacles to overcome! Often it is tempting to just
throw in the towel, give up, and consider yourself a *failure.*

But with a certain “special” attitude, everything changes.

The man below held onto a winning attitude in spite
of the appearances of failure.
As a child he had to work to support the family.
The family lost their home and he had to provide one.
His first business was a total and expensive failure.
He was forced to declare bankruptcy.
He was defeated when he ran for local elected office.
He took a job and lost it.
No formal education resulted in university rejection.
He borrowed from friends to start a new business.
He was again defeated in his bid for elected office.
His fiance died and he suffered a nervous breakdown.
He spent 6 months in bed.
He was defeated in a bid for US Congress.
He could not find a job after his new business failed.
He was defeated in a bid for the US Senate.
He was defeated in a nomination for US Vice-Pres.
He was again defeated in a bid for US Senate.
He was later elected President of the United States.

Were you able to guess the identity of this person?

What you just read is a brief recap of the life of Abraham Lincoln — the 16th President of the United States.

That “special” attitude says:
“I won’t give up no matter what, the next person I talk to will say YES, everything is going to be OK regardless of how it looks, If God be for me, WHO can be against me?”

You’ve tried it your way, now try adopting that “special” attitude and try again.