Dream Interpretation of Burning Cross
Dream Interpretation of Burning Cross

Dream Interpretation of Burning Cross

“What does this mean?” someone asked.  “I would like to know if you can help me interpret this dream I had.  I can only remember one symbol.  In the dream the symbol was a burning cross.  I don’t know what that is telling me and I am wondering if it means anything bad.  I don’t know how or why I dreamed about that.  But I just want to know what it could mean.  Thanks.”

I could hear the urgency in her question, so I answered:

My dear friend, it is my purpose to help people understand that you can interpret your own dreams.  Granted, it is not always easy!  It takes thought and prayerful consideration.  But, you can.  If this dream concerns you, and obviously it does, ask God to help you understand it.  Then, be patient, but expect the revelation to come.  If there is a message for you, it will come.  Be open and willing to hear, is my best advice.  God bless, Ruthanna.

But wait!  Very unexpectedly, God moved on my heart and I found myself writing to her again:

Dear Friend… this morning as I awoke, I saw  “your burning cross” and this is what was revealed to me:

God wants His love to burn in your heart.  Whether you have already received Him , or not, He is revealing His love for you by initiating this dream.  I was reminded that God came to Moses in the desert and spoke to Him through a burning bush!  It was a way for God to get his attention.  Moses noticed that the bush itself was not consumed by the fire.  Fire, in the natural, is destructive, but God’s fire is not!  It is pure and does not consume or destroy.  It energizes and illuminates!  I was also reminded that God led His people through a wilderness with fire by night.  Fire also guides and provides Light.

The interpretation:  Perhaps God is revealing Himself and His love to you personally, in a sense inviting you to embrace and trust Him and let Him guide you at this time.  He may also be letting you know that He will energize you for the task at hand; and that if you’ll take His Hand, now, He will help you.  He is there with you now but wants you to let Him fully into your heart and life so He can do more.  Again, He’s wanting you to let His love burn in your heart.  If you’re having trouble loving someone, you can exchange your love for His and His love will be easier to give than your own.

I was amazed that this interpretation came to me this morning.  I don’t usually get interpretations for other people, but I hope this blesses you.  And, I hope you will receive it, as the gift that it is.  Sincerely, Ruthanna

Her reply back to me after receiving this:  “Dear Ruthanna, thank you for interpreting my dream.  That is amazing!  I think I am getting closer to God.  Thank you so much!”


  1. Sarah

    Okay, I just woke up from a very disturbing dream and there was a very significant burning cross that stood out to me. It was every time I put my hand up to a fireplace there was a burning cross that came out at me. After this there was a man who repeated “You You You!” and threw spears at me. Also there was a priest and he seemed to be praying to several religious paintings that were distorted, and after the prayer they went back to their normal state. There was another painting and I think it was Jesus, he looked like he was glaring at me. I am very confused and I really would like some kind of response from anyone! I have always believed in God so I don’t think this is a demonic type of dream, I dont know. Please help!

  2. Patrick

    I was dreaming when I had seen 3 snakes..each one bit me 1 time then later on in the dream I had seen 3 burning crosses…3 3 3…3 times the holy trinity showed its self….help its driving me mad what does it mean. I was bitten in my left hand…my good hand and in both ankles.. the snakes were venomous.. but it didn’t kill me. I also witnessed what i can only speculate as strong paranormal activity in my dream right before I fall to the ground and cant get back up then I saw the 3 crosses burning. I don’t know what it means. I often find my self in dark and disturbing dreams, but this is unnatural for me.. Its scary really and I need to know what it means please help

  3. sharon

    My daughter is having a recurring dream that her dad my ex husband is at our house and he is angry at her and he sets a cross in the yard and burns it n sets the house on fire the first time she had this dream he stayed to see if we were ok but the last couple times it was him setting the house on fire trapping her but letting us out after the fire was set and setting fire to another cross in the yard every time she has this dream he is setting fire to the house and a cross

    Any response or ideas would be helpful at this point she is so upset at this

  4. Sometimes scary dreams are the result of deep seated fears that we’re holding in our hearts during our waking hours and don’t know how to express or release. I’m asking myself if it’s possible your daughter is afraid, deeply afraid, that her father is angry with her… And this fear is now expressing through this recurring dream that torments her. It may continue to recur until the fear is addressed and her fear is relieved. Would it be possible for her to share this fear (not the dream) with her father so he can comfort her by reassuring her of his love and devotion to her? I suspect that when this fear is addressed, the dreams will stop. Love is a powerful healer…

  5. Sharon

    Thank you so much for that amazing response I truly believe you are correct but unfortunately we have told him this and I have personally told him of the dreams and he has chuckeled n said ok.. Unfortunately I don’t believe he will see it any other way…. But going off of what you said I think myself n my boyfriend I will work on this with her… Thanks so much

  6. Patrick, it’s really important to realize that IF there is a message for you in a dream, you must go within to find it. The interpretation lies within you. Ask God, the Holy Spirit to give you His revelation, His truth that will set you free. Here’s what we know to be true right now. You are having unpleasant scary dreams. Why? Ask yourself if they represent something that’s happening in your life that is making you uneasy. Is there something going on that could result in your getting hurt? Snakes biting you in your dream could be trying to warn you that if you continue engaging in some activity that is making you uncomfortable, you will get “bit.” The crosses could indicate God’s attempt to warn you, as spiritual fire which the crosses could represent, is demonstrating God’s Presence and His attempt to shed light on a matter. Open your heart and mind to His Light… His revelation. Consider all this and prayerfully seek the answers for yourself. Ask for God’s help and He will surely reveal it to you, if you truly want “the truth.” One last thing. You said you often find yourself in dark and disturbing dreams. Usually that indicates hidden fear or repressed guilt. I love this scripture which has helped me many times over the years: “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of a sound mind.” Remind yourself frequently that God loves you — enough to let you know that fear will drive you crazy, but when we open our heart fully and accept His love for us, he restores our mind and our thoughts and we are no longer “driven.” We relax in His love and acceptance. We receive His Forgiveness for anything we feel we have done that’s wrong, and receive a clean slate with God. Next, those who have wronged us need to be forgive by us. Is there someone who has wronged you? Perhaps you are caught up in some deep seated emotional conflict that is playing out in your dreams. That will definitely cause them to be dark and disturbing. If you have been wronged, my best advice to you is to simply forgive. Let it go. Forgive everyone and everything so you can be free. As God has forgiven us, we forgive those also who have wronged us and somehow fear and guilt and conflict just fade away… along with the bad dreams.

  7. Reddpearlss

    Hi Ruthana,
    I want you to help me in interpreting this dream . I ve been always following my dream for the past 8 years. I used to write it down on a diary and interpret and almost everything came true. Tonight I got a dream which was really confusing and I couldn’t interpret . I see a place, my house I guess. In the left most corner of the wall there are so many pictures of god. I think Jesus and Mary and others . I see a priest standing there and having his bible placed in a desk in front of him. A man comes inside and asks the priest to recite something from the bible . The priest places a nice bright neon green cloth on the bible and reads a phrase then suddenly I see all the god pictures on the wall start to burn. I get shocked and ask the priest to see. But he sees somewhere but not on the exact place . Then afterwards he sees and the fire is gone but all the pictures were half burnt . I ask him if this is the activity of evil spirit in my house .. I don’t remember what he says but I get really restless and try to call my mom on her phone but I couldn’t even able to type the number as am very tensed . Then I wake up. I would really appreciate if you could help me to interpret this dream .

  8. Hello… and welcome. My strong belief is that the interpretation of one’s dream lies within the dreamer. If we are to grow spiritually, we must look within. Ask the Holy Spirit for this interpretation, then believe He will reveal it to you; but you must be patient and let Him speak when He knows you are ready to hear. Sometimes we are just too busy. I often hear His voice when I’m walking, driving or just waking up from a nap or from sleep. Purpose in your heart to allow Him to speak to you. Tell Him you are listening. Invite Him to speak and ask Him to bless your ears and your “hearing.” Remember, all dreams are not “messages from God.” Some are just the result of conflicts you are trying to work out in your heart or mind. So do not think all dreams have important messages to relay. But, if a particular dream does have a message for you, be confident the Holy Spirit wants you to get it. So, just ask (pray) “does this dream have an important message for me?” And, “if it does, please reveal it to me. Thank you!” If there’s a message for you, He will drop it into your spirit every so gently. And, when you “hear” it, you may be caught off guard, (busy doing other things) but you will know it’s your answer.

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